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Piano Lesson in Broomfield, CO


        In weekly piano lessons, students learn to read and understand the notated music and play them at the piano. They learn various musical concepts (pitch, rhythm, harmony, structure, etc.), and proper way of playing the piano with good physical motions to produce beautiful sound. They will also develop the skill in careful, attentive listening. Music theory, musical terms and symbols, aural skills, music history are taught to students when appropriate.

        The lessons are individual lessons. Each lesson is 30, 45, 60, 75, or 90 minutes long, once a week. Assignments are given to students each week. The repertoire students learn are mostly classical piano solo literatures, and occasionally piano duets and ensemble pieces, pop music, jazz music. The students who show readiness to perform will be encouraged to perform in public events such as Studio Recital, Marvelous Musicale, Clementi Festival, Achievement Day, Rising Stars Festival, etc. Students, ages 6 and up are welcome.

Accompanying/Performance Service

For instrumental and vocal students and choirs, Harumi offers piano accompaniment at their concerts, competitions and festivals.

Harumi's Sample Recording

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